Mayor and Council

   For the meeting on:

  November 19, 2012
   Department:   Recreation and Parks
   Division:  Community Services
   Responsible staff:  Carlos Aparicio, Community Services Manager
  phone: 240-314-8303

Award of contract for No. 9648050171-AF for Outpatient Mental Health Services at the City Operated Linkages to Learning (LTL) program at Maryvale Elementary School (Maryvale) for a contract period up to three years in the aggregate amount not to exceed $135,000

Staff recommends award of contract to Family Services, Inc.(FSI) of Gaithersburg, MD for the procurement of Out Patient Mental Health Services under Montgomery County Contract No. 9648050171-AF, for a period up to three years in the aggregate amount not to exceed $135,000.

In 2010, Montgomery County solicited responses to Request for Proposal #9648050171 for Outpatient Mental Health Services. Award was made to multiple vendors, including Family Services, Inc.

In collaboration with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (County) and Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), the City of Rockville has operated the LTL program at Maryvale Elementary School since FY 2003. This collaboration comes by way of an annual contract with the County;the County provides a majority of the funding for the personnel and operating costs associated with running the program. As part of this funding, the contract with the County states that mental health services must be offered to at-risk children whose families have barriers to access these services.

In FY 2013, the County will allocate $172,240 for the LTL at Maryvale Elementary School of which $41,360 is designated for mental health services. Since the City began operating the LTL program at Maryvale, FSI has served as the City subcontractor and has provided these mental health services. The contract with the County dictates that the $41,360 cover 70% of the costs associated with mental health services and requires that the remaining 30% be collected through billing through the State of Maryland run Medical Assistance program. As a certified mental health clinic with a board certified psychiatrist on staff, FSI has the capacity to bill the State for these funds. No additional City funds will be required for this aspect of the program.

In FY 2012, the City staff and FSI staff provided mental health and care management and youth and family development program services to more than 60 at risk families and 140 at risk children.

Mayor and Council History
This is the first time this item has been brought before the Mayor and Council.

Procurement Information
In accordance with Section 17-39 of the Rockville City Code, Awarding Authority, (a) All contracts involving more than one hundred thousand ($100,000.00) shall be awarded by the Council.

In accordance with Section 17-71 of the Rockville City Code, Cooperative Procurement, (b) The City may contract with any contractor who offers goods, services, insurance or construction on the same terms as provided other state or local governments or agencies thereof who have arrived at those terms through a competitive procurement procedure similar to the procedure used by the City.

Fiscal Impact
Sufficient funds are available in the Linkages to Learning cost center in the adopted FY 2013 operating budget (110-900-9601-0201). These funds are fully reimbursable by the County for the mental health services provided under this program. FSI will invoice the City monthly for the services provided, and the City will then invoice the County for these funds. Continuation of the contract beyond June 30th of each year is subject to appropriation approval by the Mayor and Council and the extension of the City's contract with the County.

Next Steps
Upon Mayor and Council approval, the Purchasing division will issue a contract to Family Services, Inc.

Department Head:

Christine Henry, Acting Director of Recreation and Parks
Approved on: 11/07/2012

City Manager:

Approved on: 11/14/2012