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  November 19, 2012
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   Responsible staff:  Jenny Kimball, Assistant City Manager
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Report from the Rockville Summit 2012

Motion to instruct staff to review specific recommendations from the Summit working groups and prepare implementation plans based on policy direction from the Mayor and Council.

The Rockville Summit 2012 was held on Saturday, November 3, 2012 at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre. This event completed a process begun with the first Rockville Summit, which was held in October 2011 and brought together nearly 200 members of Rockville’s residential, business, government and nonprofit communities to begin an ongoing dialogue about the City, the regional economy and Rockville’s future.

The Rockville Summit was organized by a committee of community volunteers. Members of the steering committee for the Rockville Summit 2012 included:
Dr. Judy Ackerman, Vice President and Provost, Montgomery College
Ms. Laurie Boyer, Executive Director, Rockville Economic Development, Inc.
Hon. John Britton, former Rockville City Councilmember
Ms. Denise Fredericks, Director , Stepping Stones Shelter
Dr. Renata Greenspan, Rockville Resident
Ms. Andrea Jolly, Executive Director, Rockville Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Al Lampert, Chair, Board of Directors, Rockville Economic Development, Inc.
Hon. Bridget Newton, Rockville City Councilmember
Hon. Mark Pierzchala, Rockville City Councilmember
Ms. Susan Prince, Rockville Resident and Board Member, Rockville Economic Development, Inc.
Dr. Pofen Salem, Rockville resident and Montgomery County Office of Management and Budget

The keynote address at the Rockville Summit 2012 was presented by Edward T. McMahon, senior resident fellow for sustainable development at the Urban Land Institute. Mr. McMahon encouraged Rockville to consider what he has identified as the secrets of successful communities:
1. Develop a shared vision for the future
2. Inventory regional and local assets
3. Build land use plans around the enhancement of identified assets
4. Use education, incentives, partnerships, and voluntary initiatives -- not just regulation
5. Pick and choose among development proposals
6. Cooperate with neighbors for mutual benefit
7. Consider community character as well as ecology and economics
8. Have strong leaders and committed citizens

Rockville Summit 2012 Working Groups
Community members from throughout Rockville – including residents and representatives of the business, nonprofit, government and education sectors – volunteered to serve on one of six Rockville Summit Working Groups to develop recommendations for the city's future. The working groups met from early June through mid-October of 2012 to complete their reports.

The areas of focus for the six groups were:

  • City Services and Budget
  • Education and School Capacity
  • Housing
  • Job Growth and Residential Workforce
  • Preserving Rockville’s Character
  • Transportation and Traffic

The reports prepared by each of these working groups are provided as an attachment to this agenda item. Also provided is a summary list of the 139 recommendations found in the working group reports. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation from the Rockville Summit 2012 is also attached.

Mayor and Council History
On July 18, 2011, the Mayor and Council approved planning a Rockville summit and study of economic competitiveness. On October 18, 2011, the first Rockville Summit was held.

On March 5, 2012, the Mayor and Council discussed plans for the Rockville Summit 2. On November 3, 2012 the Rockville Summit 2012 was held.

Public Notification and Engagement
At the Rockville Summit 2012, the City Manager announced that the Mayor and Council had agendized this discussion of the Rockville Summit 2012 for November 19, 2012.

Boards and Commissions Review
Some recommendations from the Summit working groups may be appropriate for referral to relevant boards and commissions.

Next Steps
Based on Mayor and Council direction, staff will review specific recommendations from the Summit Working Groups and, if appropriate, refer recommendations to relevant boards and commissions and/or incorporate implementation efforts into new or existing work plans such as the update of elements in the Comprehensive Master Plan.

Attachment A Summit 2012 Recommendations.pdfAttachment A Summit 2012 Recommendations.pdf Attachment B Summit Presentation.pdfAttachment B Summit Presentation.pdf Attachment C City Services & Budget Report.pdfAttachment C City Services & Budget Report.pdf Attachment D Education & School Capacity Report.pdfAttachment D Education & School Capacity Report.pdf Attachment E Housing Report.pdfAttachment E Housing Report.pdf Attachment F  Job Growth & Residential Workforce Report.pdfAttachment F Job Growth & Residential Workforce Report.pdf Attachment G Preserving Rockvilles Character Report.pdfAttachment G Preserving Rockvilles Character Report.pdf Attachment H Transportation & Traffic Report.pdfAttachment H Transportation & Traffic Report.pdf

City Manager:

Approved on: 11/15/2012