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  January 28, 2013
   Department:   Public Works
   Division:  Engineering
   Responsible staff:  Jim Woods, Civil Engineer II
  phone: (240) 314 - 8521

Award IFB#33-12, Construction of Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation in the Amount of $433,858.10.

Mayor and Council award IFB#33-12 to Mr. Rehab, Inc. of Mechanicsburg, PA, in the amount of $433,858.10 for the rehabilitation of sanitary sewer mains in various locations via cured-in-place lining contingent upon the approval of the procurement package by the Maryland Department of the Environment.


Project Description
Award of this contract supports the continued implementation of the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Capital Improvement Program (Project #220-850-9G34, Attachment A). Partial funding for this project is provided by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant; therefore, this work is proposed to be completed separately from the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation contract awarded by the Mayor and Council on November 19, 2012. The project is being performed under a separate contract in order to apply the requirements of the federal grant only to the work being funded by the grant; the November 19 award allows for a multi-year contract for the City funded project, which is prohibited by the federal grant requirements.

The sanitary sewer pipes in the recommended locations (Attachment B) are in need of rehabilitation. The locations are primarily located in the West End and Woodley Gardens West End neighborhoods. Internal investigation of the sanitary sewer system found defects such as cracks in the pipe, broken pipe segments, and root intrusion. These defects allow inflow and infiltration of water into the sewer system, inhibit sewer flows, and have caused sewage backups. This project involves rehabilitation of approximately 12,600 linear feet of sanitary sewer pipes via a cured-in-place liner.

Background - Sanitary Sewer System Preventative Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program:
Rockville’s Sanitary Sewer Preventative Maintenance Program consists of comprehensive inspections and subsequent rehabilitation of the sewer pipes and manholes within the City’s wastewater collection system. The Department of Public Works uses robotic camera technology utilizing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to determine which sewer lines need to be rehabilitated or replaced. Combined, two City CCTV trucks inspect approximately 15 miles of sewer line per year, with a camera going through the pipe from manhole to manhole. City staff evaluates the condition of the sewers based on PACP (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) scoring. Based on this evaluation and in accordance with the footage gathered from the CCTV cameras, the pipes and manholes with significant defects are then prioritized for rehabilitation. Two different methods of rehabilitation are utilized: Cured-In-Place Lining and Dig and Replacement.

Cured-In-Place Lining does not involve excavation and is the preferred method because it is the most cost effective way of restoring sanitary sewer infrastructure assets. When a sewer is rehabilitated through Cured-in-Place Lining, a resin-saturated felt tube is inserted into the existing pipe. Steam or boiling water is then pumped through the tube, heating the resin which cures the liner. Once the curing process is complete, the hot water is released, resulting in a new pipe created within the existing pipe. All locations covered by this project will be rehabilitated using this method.

Benefits of sewer rehabilitation via Cured-in-Place Lining include:

  • minimal disturbance to residents and the City right-of-way;
  • renewal of aging infrastructure;
  • elimination of potential sanitary sewer blockages and overflows;
  • protection of public health and safety;
  • improvement of the environment; and
  • compliance with federal and State regulations.

Mayor and Council History
This is the first time this item has been brought before the Mayor and Council.

Public Notification and Engagement
Commercial properties and residents will be notified via neighborhood advisories at least two weeks in advance of construction. Residents will be notified a second time (two business days in advance of sanitary sewer lining construction) to provide additional instructions regarding temporary limits on the usage of water to minimize the impact on the sewer lining curing process. The Cured-in-Place Lining operation typically takes between 2-6 hours per sewer segment, depending on its length.

An article in the April 2012 issue of Rockville Reports contained detailed information about the continuous sanitary sewer system preventative maintenance program. In conjunction with the Rockville Reports article, Channel 11 produced a short segment highlighting the sanitary sewer system preventative maintenance program. Additionally, the City's website provides information about the program.

Procurement Information
Staff publicly advertised IFB #33-12 in accordance with the Rockville City Code, Section 17-61, "Purchasing." The bid was solicited using the State of Maryland's e-Maryland Marketplace bid web portal. The solicitation was also posted on the City's website. In addition, the bid was sent out via e-mail to several vendors who had previously worked on City utility projects.

Sealed bids were received and opened on December 11, 2012. Eight bids were received.

Contractor Location Amount
Mr. Rehab, Inc. Mechanicsburg, PA $433,858.10
AM-Liner East, Inc. Berryville, VA $444,444.00
Layne Inliner, LLC Elkridge, MD $444,896.00
Humphrey and Son, Inc. Laurel, MD $470,736.00
Miller Pipeline, LLC Indianapolis, IN $473,675.25
Insituform Technologies, LLC Chesterfield, MO $503,716.00
Tri-State Grouting, LLC Bear, DE $651,460.00
Pleasants Construction, Inc. Clarksburg, MD $689,411.00

Mr. Rehab, Inc. has previously performed similar work for other local agencies. References were called, and the firm's work has been satisfactory.

Fiscal Impact
The City received a State and Tribal Assistance Grant (STAG) in the amount of $727,000 through the FY10 Federal Appropriations Act. In March 2011, the City requested and received approval to combine this grant with the $485,000 STAG grant received in the FY09 Federal Appropriations Act. The combined grant amount is $1,212,000. The grant was awarded through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and administered through the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). The City received reimbursements for previous grant eligible sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects totaling $875,364, leaving an available balance of $336,639 in grant funds.

MDE approved the bidding documents prior to advertisement of the project. This award is contingent on MDE approval of the procurement package prior to issuing a contract.

As required by the grant, the project will be funded with 55 percent federal grant contribution and 45 percent City contribution.

The breakdown of the funding contributions is as follows:

Total Project Cost $433,858
STAG Grants (55 percent) $238,622
City Contribution (45 percent) $195,236

Sufficient funds are available in the Sewer Main Rehabilitation CIP (project #220-850-9G34-0426).

As a result of the City receiving favorable bids, staff requested to keep the remaining $98,017 of the unused $1,212,000 STAG grant for future sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects. MDE approved this request, with the grant expiring on March 31, 2014.

Next Steps
Upon approval of the construction award by the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Purchasing Division will issue a contract to Mr. Rehab, Inc.

Attachment A - Sewer Rehabilitation CIP Sheet.pdfAttachment A - Sewer Rehabilitation CIP Sheet.pdf
Attachment B - Sewer Rehabilitation Locations.pdfAttachment B - Sewer Rehabilitation Locations.pdf

Department Head:

Craig Simoneau, Director of Public Works
Approved on: 01/18/2013

City Manager:

Approved on: 01/23/2013