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  November 19, 2012
   Department:   City Manager
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   Responsible staff:  Rocio Snowdy,
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Recognition of the School of Rock(ville) Class of 2012

Recognize the students who completed the 2012 School of Rock(ville) program

The School of Rock(ville) engages high school students with the Rockville City government. The goals of the program are to demystify local government, promote civic awareness, cultivate new civic leaders and educate young people about careers in local government. The program is in line with the Mayor and Council's vision to actively engage the community and increase communication between the City government and its citizenry.

The pilot School of Rock(ville) class was held in April 2010 and included six students from Richard Montgomery High School. The students provided extremely positive feedback about the experience so the program was continued in 2011 and opened to all high schools located in Rockville. It was changed from a three-day program to a four-day program based on the evaluations received from participants.

The four-day program teaches students in grades 9 - 12 about Rockville City government and opportunities to engage in the community. The 2012 program included:

  • A drop in session with Councilmembers
  • Sessions on the City's history, government structure and services, public safety and opportunities to engage in the city government and community
  • Discussions and activities about the City budget and problem solving
  • Recording next year's School of Rock(ville) promotional spot for Rockville 11

The program concludes with the Mayor and Council distributing certificates to the participants and recognizing them for their willingness to go above and beyond their regular studies to learn more about their community.

Neighborhood Resources will collect feedback from the participants and include additional School of Rock(ville) sessions in the Division's future work plans

City Manager:

Approved on: 11/15/2012