Mayor and Council

   For the meeting on:

  December 17, 2012
   Department:   Recreation and Parks
   Division:  Parks and Facilities Management
   Responsible staff:  Steve Mader, Superintendent of Parks and Facilities
  phone: (240) 314 - 8702

Award of Contract for the purchase of Citywide playground equipment for a period up to three years in an aggregate amount not to exceed $150,000 through Frederick County, Maryland Public Schools Contract RFP #09-MISC-10.

Staff recommends that the Mayor and Council award Frederick County Public Schools Contract rider contract #09-MISC-10 to Playground Specialists, Inc of Emmitsburg, Maryland for a period of up to three years in an aggregate amount not to exceed $150,000.

Immediate use of the contract will be for the removal and replacement of the play structure at the Rockville Civic Center Park in the amount of $95,011.22. Replacement is required as result of a fire that occurred in November 2012 at the Civic Center Park, which destroyed the majority of the play equipment. The first phase will include the removal of the remaining play structure this winter. The second phase will include the replacement of the play structure as well as the poured in place rubber safety surfacing once the ground temperatures become favorable in March 2013.

This contract also provides for ongoing labor, materials, equipment and quality control inspection for play structure repair or replacement at Citywide playgrounds. Play structure components in the contract include post and platform structures, slides, and poured in place rubber safety surfacing. The City will utilize this contract for repairs to existing play structures.

Mayor and Council History
This is the first time this item has been brought before the Mayor and Council.

Procurement Information
This award is a rider off a competitively bid contract from Frederick County Public Schools.

In accordance with Section 17-71 of the Rockville City Code, Cooperative Procurement; (b) The City may contract with any contractor who offers goods, services, insurance or construction on the same terms as provided other state or local governments or agencies thereof who have arrived at those terms through a competitive procurement procedure similar to the procedure used by the City.

In accordance with Section 17-39 of the Rockville City Code, Awarding Authority, (a) All contracts involving more than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) shall be awarded by the Council.

Fiscal Impact
Funds for the replacement of the playground equipment damaged by fire are available in the FY 2013 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) project account 420-900-4G61. This budgetary item account will be reimbursed when insurance proceeds are received and recognized through the next budget amendment.

Sufficient funds for additional purchases are also available in the CIP account 420-900-4G61 and in the Recreation and Parks operating accounts 110-900-7522-0231, 110-900-7530-0231 and 110-900-7532-0231.

Continuation of the contract beyond June 30th of each year is subject to appropriation by the Mayor and Council.

Next Steps
Upon Mayor and Council approval, the Purchasing Division will issue a purchase order to Playground Specialists, Inc.

Attachment A Playground Equipment.pdfAttachment A Playground Equipment.pdf

Department Head:

Christine Henry, Acting Director of Recreation and Parks
Approved on: 12/07/2012

City Manager:

Approved on: 12/10/2012