Mayor and Council

Meeting No. 02 - 13

          January 14, 2013

7:00 PM


7:00 pm

1. Convene

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Agenda Review

4. City Manager's Report

7:10 pm

5. Appointments/Reappointments and Announcements of Vacancies Agenda Item: 5 - Appointments & Announcement of Vacancies

7:15 pm

6. Presentation - Chamber of Commerce Update Agenda Item: 6 - Presentation

7:20 pm

7. Citizen's Forum

This time is set aside to hear from any citizen who wishes to address the Mayor and Council. Citizens are asked to keep their remarks to three minutes. Priority will be given to speakers who have signed up in advance by calling the city Clerk's Office at 240-314-8280 by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting and those who are speaking on an agenda item.

8. Mayor and Council's Response to Citizen's Forum and Announcements

9. Mayor and Council Reports

7:50 pm

10. Public Hearing - Stonestreet Pedestrian Bridge Agenda Item: 10 - Public Hearing

8:10 pm

11. Public Hearing - Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment TXT2013-00235 - To Revise Section 25.07.02 of the Zoning Ordinance to Amend the Procedures for the Filing and Processing of Site Plan Applications in the Town Center Performance District. It would also revise Section 25.07.03 to Require Notice of the Filing of Any Level 2 Site Plan or Project Plan Application with all of the City's Civic Associations and Homeowners Associations; Mayor and Council of Rockville, Applicant Agenda Item: 11 - Public Hearing

8:30 pm

12. Public Hearing - Creation and Duties of a Financial Advisory Board Agenda Item: 12 - Public Hearing

8:50 pm

13. Consent Agenda

A. Approval to Utilize and Make Multiple Awards off of Various New State of Maryland, Department of Information Technology Contracts, as Needs Arise, up to an Aggregate Amount not to Exceed $500,000 per Fiscal Year Through June 30, 2028 Agenda Item: Award

B. Introduction of an Ordinance to Amend Chapter 4 of the Rockville City Code "Incorporation of Works of Art in Public Architecture" Agenda Item: Introduction

C. Approval of Minutes Agenda Item: Approval

8:55 pm

14. Presentation - Charter Review Commission Final Report Agenda Item: 14 - Presentation

9:35 pm

15. Adoption of Ordinance to Amend Chapter 17 of the Rockville City Code, Entitled “Purchasing” to Amend and Add Definitions of “Local Business,” and “Tie Bids;” and to Amend Provisions on Award of Tie Bids Agenda Item: Adoption

9:40 pm

16. Discussion and Instructions to Staff on an Amendment to the Rockville Comprehensive Master Plan and Rockville's Amendment to the Montgomery County Heritage Area Management Plan Agenda Item: 16 - Discussion and Instructions

9:50 pm

17. Discussion - City of Gaithersburg's Request that the City of Rockville Support Proposed Amendments to the Maryland Public Ethics Law Agenda Item: 17 - Discussion

10:00 pm

18. Review and Comment - Additional Amendments to Proposed Amendments to Chapter 16 Ethics Ordinance to Include Changes to the Language Requested During Discussion and Instructions on November 19, 2012 Agenda Item: 18 - Review and Comment

10:30 pm

19. Review and Comment Regarding Mayor and Council Action Report Agenda Item: 19 - Review and Comment

20. Review and Comment Regarding Future Agendas Agenda Item: 20 - Review and Comment

21. Old/New Business

10:45 pm

22. Adjournment

NOTE: Times given for agenda items are estimates only. Matters may be considered at times other than those indicated. Please check the upcoming Mayor and Council calendar listed after this evening's agenda for future meeting and Drop-in information, including Community' Forum.

THERE WILL BE A COMMUNITY FORUM AT EVERY MEETING, UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. When listed, Drop-in will be held in the Council offices from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. All meetings are on Monday evenings unless otherwise indicated. Worksessions in City Hall will be televised.

Please check with the City Clerk's office at 240-314-8280 for any further information.

Any person who requires assistance in order to attend this meeting should call the ADA Coordinator at 240-314-8100.